Friday, August 10, 2012

Look Who Stopped By to say HI!!!! has been way too long since I posted....but so many things in life have taken much of my time, and I truly have missed you all!!

If we were to recap what has been happening in my life it would take weeks! I had a really major surgery on May 24th 2012, to remove some diseased large intestines and it was a doozy of a surgery! We have had some complications, but I am trying to get back on my feet!!!

My boys are getting ready to go back to school....can you believe that Evan will be entering 4th grade and Gavin is in PreSchool! I have a 9 and 4 year old....and time is passing so quickly...they are growing up way too fast!!!

My parents are doing Ok....lots to share about them.....but today they are well!!! Joe is doing great....and Danielle is Fabulous also!!! So that is good news to share!!

Now on the creativity part of my life....I have entered into the world of Mixed Media! I have taken a ton of online classes with Chisty Tomilson and Donna Downey and I am hooked. Scrapbooking not so much!!! My studio is a mess.....we have been doing some home renovations and the room if filled with things that do not belong in there!!! I am still thinking that I may make the garage into my new studio.

The summer has been horrible...temps that we Marylanders are not used to! Hot and Humid and I hate it!!! I am so looking forward to the Fall mornings and evenings!!!

So with this quick update...I hope life finds you all well....I have missed Blogging and hope to get to visit with all of you!!!

Here is a pic of a canvas that I made for My girl SANDRA!!!! She is the best...we have become so close, and I hoping to get to Texas real soon for a visit!!!!

Love ya all...have a great weekend!!!

Saturday, January 14, 2012

Could it Truly Be.......

I checked my Blog today and I can hardly believe that it has been this long....Well what happened to Jocelyn....did she just fall off the face of the earth.....No she did not....but what a year 2011 has been for this family! We have truly been tested, but as usual we have stood strong and survived. Things changed for much that had been life as I knew it was no longer that life, and that threw me for a loop! I can honestly say....I am still trying to figure this all out!

I looked at my comments, and I was so touched by all the heartfelt love that you sent to with this....I am back.

We have made it through health crisis' with my Mom and Dad...

We moved them into a new place, and then had to move them again, due to a horrible mold problem that they were having!

This was not easy on either of them...and I thought I would be sitting in the corner the time we packed a second time, and went through all of this move two weeks before Christmas. They are in a wonderful Senior Building in a Fabulous part
of town, and they are sooooooo happy! God is good, and when I see them settling in, and loving their new home....I now realize that all that they went through, was worth going through, because they are so happy now!!!

We made it through Hurricane Irene, but I have to was one rough ride! We lost our electricity for over a week, thank goodness we had a small generator so that we could run the refrigerator and a few other appliances! It was one long, mean night, the winds howling so loud it sounded as if the roof was going to rip right off of the house! Thank Goodness for the Back Up Sump Pump, which kept the water out of the downstairs. Joe and I held each other close, prayed and I sang Amazing Grace to the top of my lungs when I felt the fear taking over, and finally daybreak came and we knew we had survived. Small damage...nothing like many of our neighbors! We also felt our first earthquake shortly that freaked us out! We made it through Tropical Storm Lee....the yard was a river but no water on the inside. So yes, a very interesting summer we had!

The Holidays were wonderful, the boys are getting so big!!!!

Evan is now 9 and Gavin 4! Danielle is working full time, and returned back to school for
her Masters Degree....she is going to become a Nurse Practitioner! We are
so proud of her! So I am back to taking care of the boys. I go to Danielle's early in the morning, Shawn leaves for work, I wake the boys, breakfast, lunches, dressed and then off to school. Evan is easy, Gavin I drive about 15 minutes to get him to his Pre K, he goes three days a week and then back home until time to pick them up! I am busy!!!

Here are some pics from Christmas!!! My sweet girl!!!!
Joe and the boys, playing with the new Laptop!!!
Momma and Me!!!
The stars of the show!!!! Evan and Gavin!!!
I must admit to you all.....I have not been scrapbooking, I think I am burned out...but doing lots of online classes with all the best intentions of creating Mixed Media! This is my new passion, but I am finding it difficult to carve out the time to create! I have done a few She Arts and am working on an art journal, which makes me I like the idea of getting paint all over, and not having to have everything perfect.

I am having the surgery that they scheduled for me last year, on February 10th....this is where it gets a bit scary. They will remove a large part of my intestines, large and small, hoping to remove the diseased part. I am having it done at Johns Hopkins, one of the best hospitals in the world! It is going to be a difficult surgery for me due to the Myasthenia Gravis, being under anesthesia can cause problems for me. I am taking the next few weeks to try to get meals cooked for Joe, the house cleaned, and all my ducks in a row! My girls and I are going out for a Fabulous Lunch to just have girl time on January 29th....I am excited to see them all!!! So...if you believe in prayers....keep me in yours!

So I will be stopping by and trying to catch up with all of you!!!! Maybe that is just what I need to find that missing Mojo!!!

I will be back...I promise. Love to you all!!! Keep smiling!!! :-)

Monday, August 15, 2011

Well Hello Friends!!!!

Taking time away is a good thing....but not being in touch with all of you has left my heart heavy!!!

We have had a very busy summer...Mom and Dad are settled in to the new home, and doing very well!!!! There are still some health issues....but all in all...we are going day by day, and they seem happy!!

The boys are growing like weeds...schools starts soon for both of them!!
Evan is a big Third Grader and Gavin will be doing 3 days a week in Pre School!!! Baseball
season has ended....and now we are into soccer season. We have vacationed at the beach, gone to carnivals, and lots of family time.

I am doing OK....still battling some issues...but I keep plowing through in hopes of some answers!

We have some awesome things going on at Paper Issues....check out the
new challenge....RIDE IT!!!! I am working on a new I have no
things loaded to show you!!!

We will be having a super duper Blog Hop coming up and I will have an awesome giveaway to offer...More details to come!!!

I have also been asked by Amy at Create 365, to do some Guest Designing , and I am so excited!!!

So with are a few pics of what I have been up to this summer!!

Our annual carnival in town!!! A must to attend!!
A ride on the Merry Go Round with Daddy and Evan!!!
I love this pic..that ride went so fast and both of them were so dizzy when they got off of it!!
Nana and MeMe!!!!
The family sitting a spell...waiting on the boys to get off of the rides!!!

Wow...look at that HAT!!!! :-)

Love ya girlies and I have so missed you!!! Wishing you all a Fabulous Week!!!!

Thursday, July 7, 2011

It's Been Awhile!!!!

Hi sweet's been some time since I have posted on my Blog...I have received many emails checking to see if everything is OK!!!! Thank you for your concern!

I am OK!!!! The last 8 weeks have been so very busy for us....Dad is doing a bit better, we have them all moved into their new home, and the garage is just about finished! With all of these events happening in just a few weeks has taken every bit of strength that I have to move from one task to the next!!

I am taking a bit of time off from blogging....I love sharing time with all of you...but the task feels overwhelming right now....

The heat has really done a number on my Myasthenia Gravis, the stress has been high, and I find myself at that fork in the road, and I must take the path of taking care of me for a few weeks.

I am good at getting through things...and then when I think I have it under hits!!!

So....I am fine...tired, not feeling the best....and trying to sort things out!!! The heat is not helping....I am having some testing keep those prayers coming!!!!

I have not had any time to create....not much time to do anything that I really I am taking this time to sit back and gather myself!!!

We had a wonderful 4th of July with the family....

My little cutie...
They make me smile!!!My Beautiful Daughter enjoying some Maryland Steamed Crabs...she must have picked the smallest crab in the batch....insert giggle!!!Some pool time!!!Off to see the fireworks....and this is how our little man walked around all night...he hates the big booms!!!!! Poor little man!!!Family pic...does this one make you giggle!!!!The whole gang is here....missing Joe...he was taking the pic!!!
So for the next few weeks....I will be working on me....We all need to take that time to gather our wits!!! I miss you all....I adore you all, and I will be back...I promise!!!! LOVE TO ALL OF YOU!!!!

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Hello Thursday!!! is so hot and humid here....I can take the heat...but I hate the feeling of soupy air!!!! Yucko!!!! Looks like we may have some better temps this weekend!!!

Tomorrow is the BIG move day for Mom and Dad....the movers are coming over to move all the heavy furniture!!! I know the house will not be totally empty...we still have to empty out the shed, and there will be a few things for Joe and I to pick up and take for donations.....I just want to get the furniture that we can get some of these boxes empty and be able to move around a bit easier!!! Mom does not want any boxes placed on the carpet....I can understand..because of the marks it may leave....but the space for us to work in is getting smaller and smaller....

I had the root canal done...or should I call it the root canal torture!!!! The dentist told me it would take about 40 minutes to an took over two hours and of course I couldn't have 4 roots, I had to have 5!!!! My jaw bone still hurts and now the tooth in front of the one they just did, is hurting!!! I have to go back for the cap to be done.....OH JOY!!!!

The garage now has drywall....and I am beginning to believe that to be a contractor, you have to be a fast talker.....everything that I say...he talks fast and in have some problems....One positive.... NO GET PAID....until MeMe is happy!!!! It would be so much easier if he would just SHUT his mouth and listen!!!!!

Baseball season is now over for us!!!! Makes me sad...I so enjoy watching this young man play!!!He just adores Baseball!!!
Evan has been in soccer camp this week and is having the time of his life....Gavin cries everyday....he wants to go with Big Brother...but he is too little!!!! Poor Gavin! We have some plans to take the boys to do some fun hang in there sweet boy!!!

I stopped at the store and picked up some yummy watermelon, sweet corn, cherries and tomatoes!!!! I just love Summer fruits and veggies..... Lots of salads being eaten tooooo!!! No heavy food in this heat!!!

Wishing you all a Fabulous JUNE is almost gone!!!! Smiles to each of you!!! :-)

Paper Issues is having a DESIGN TEAM CALL....they are the best team to work pressure.....the team works so well together, and we have some awesome fun with one another!!! Check out the site for the details...I would love to see some of you throw your hat in!!!! You will love it!!!

How would you like to be a part of the Paper Issues Creative Team?
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You need to have a Facebook account, that is where we gather and discuss all things paper.
Paper Issues is all about promotion.
We have a topic every two weeks.
You link projects that you have already made to the party. Easy peasy.
We choose a few each day to feature, post them on the Blog and Facebook and Voila!
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You will see more blog traffic and everyone is happy!
We also have a Shop where you will receive extra discounts.
Think you have what it takes?
Send an email to and tell us a little about yourself.
Include your blog address. We want to do a little stalking.
Any questions...let us know!
You have until June 30. New team announced July 1.

See....I told you it was easy!!!! :-) HURRY....get those emails in!!!!!

Monday, June 20, 2011

Oh My.......

I am so far behind in my blogging.....real life just keeps getting in the way!!!

We have accomplished Day 1 of moving Mom and was so hot, and we were worn out by the end of the day!!! Poor Joe spent Father's Day moving boxes!!!! We got all the clothes moved and hung in the closets....tons of boxes sit waiting to be unpacked....Today it is raining...great....that puts a damper in Day 2 of moving, and I am off to have a root canal....stupid teeth!!! I must admit the thought of walking into the dentist office is enough to make me have a nervous just freaks me I am trying to get the courage to get into the car!!!

I promised Mom as soon as I got done...I will ask for extra novacaine...I will meet her at the new house, and we will put the kitchen together! She and Dad look so tired....hey Joe and I look tired too!!!!

We spent Saturday watching Evan play in his baseball tournaments....we had a was better than watching the pros play!!! We won the first game and lost the second 1-0!! They played 8 Evan got hit with a pitch....and of course the pitcher threw balls marked at 52mph!!! He went down like a sack of potatoes, and I thought I was going to lose it...Joe and Shawn ran to him...he got up....shook it off and headed to first base!!! I was sitting on the bleachers and Gavin was standing in front of me...I heard a bat crack, looked up, and in a split second I saw the ball....reached over two bleachers and caught it two inches from Gavin's head!!! Gavin kept telling everyone...My MeMe saved me Life!!! Amazing how quick you can react!!!

The garage is we are working on the inside....drywall.....paint, and then the landscaping....I am not really happy with some of the work....we will handle that!!! I am turning this part of it over to Joe...go get them Babe!!!

Not much time to create....but this was a LO that I completed at the crop last week!!! Why is this picture so blurry....oh get the idea...I am having camera issues!!!! It looked OK when I loaded it!!!!Yep, it's that time of the year.....
Loved this New Punch from Martha Stewart!!!Wishing you all a wonderful week....we are in for some HOT TEMPS and severe weather....Oh JOY!!!! Smiles to all of you!!!! :-)

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

It's a Good Thing!!!!

What a busy week.....where in the world did it go? Well, I know we have been moving quickly on the garage....I have a roof, that has been covered with shingles...I have french doors, windows and a sky light, and now I have vinyl siding just about completed...I say that is a GOOD THING!!!!

The temps have been awesome....low humidity, sunny cool mornings and evenings....if only it would stay that way....but it looks like the temps are on the rise!!!

I have a yearning to head to the ocean....I want to stick my toes in the sand...but that will have to wait until later in July!!!!

Father's Day is this weekend, and we will be doing a lot of moving....Mom and Dad get the keys we will be taking over clothes and the new place, and poor Joe and I get to empty out all the things in the shed, and move them to our house!!!! We celebrated Father's Day on Monday.....we had Maryland Steamed Crabs and ice cold beer....they were so yummy!!!!

Today Danielle and I are off for mani's and pedi's.....girl time....the best!!!!

Here is one of the projects I completed at my Crop on Saturday!!! It was a class that Jen Cheznick taught at Great Scraps...I bought the kit and it turned out so cute!!!! I love these printers drawers from 7 Gypsies!!!

The cherries are so cute!!!Love the happy colors!!!!Wishing you all a wonderful weekend.....we will be busy....hoping that you all get some time to sit back and relax!!!! Smiles!!!! :-)